Day 21- St. Louis

Day 21: St. Louis 

Guess who’s back? Back again? Grumpies are back. Tell a friend. Following the all-nighter starring Jack, Carson, Brooklyn, and William Franklin Allen IV, the whole gang set out for Walmart, resisting the urge to cha-cha slide in the parking lot. As we made our way through Kansas into Missouri, Kieran collected interesting facts from each person and compiled them into a trivia game for the bus to enjoy. We discovered just how little we knew about our friends, among which are a diaper eater (*cough cough* Dallas *cough cough*), a toddler in a tiara, and an accidental arsonist.

After lunch, we enjoyed the original Top Gun, which Ellie bought for 5 dollars at Walmart. Best purchase so far (we will never forget you Goose). Finally, we rolled into St. Louis and crammed into teny tiny trams that took us to the top of the Gateway Arch. Unfortunately, some people suffered from claustrophobia, but all was forgotten once we saw the amazing view of the city.

Elliot, the undercover Kansas State fan at KU, does well with subtlety.

All of Kieran's Kansas jokes fell flat. Pun intended.

How does it taste, Evan?

Gabe wakes up in Kansas and questions his decisions in life.

Lucas gets Disneyland flashbacks at the arch

The crew gets ready to go to the top of the Gateway Arch!

Anna's Group 8 squeezes into their tram for a quick photo op

Somehow this isn't the first time the guys have sat stacked on one another... and it's not the record either.

Evan found some Root Beer from the Arch

Khiara's got ice in her veins.

Dallas loves a good 0.5 pic of the crew!

When Dallas says "Hug the person next to you!" and Chuck is unfortunate enough to be in Kieran's line of sight.

At least act like you like them Harrison.

Davis musters all the 'dad' in him to grill the beef for our burritos.

Grillmaster Sierra makes sure the meat is cooked just right.

Ainsley destroys the competition in a plank-off for first dibs on dinner.

The Choir reunites to carry yet another sing along.

The girls and Brooks try to rival the Choir, but fail miserably.

We took pictures outside the Arch then hopped back in the bus and van to travel the short hour to Carlyle, Illinois. The Sneezies are preparing us a warm burrito dinner, paired with rice, beans, chips and salsa. Getting ready for bed, Carson put Elliot’s eno hammock out of its misery with a snap, crackle, and pop after merely laying in it. We had a few raccoon visitors (named Jimothy and Ranger Rick) that wanted to join us in our sleeping bags tonight. Kieran and Evan, armed with golf clubs and lightsabers, were in charge of running them off when they came close to us. Pray for us again as we encounter lots of bugs and a chance of rain! Only two more nights until we return to our dearly missed beds!