After the Trip! TWB Reflections

TWB Reflections

“TWB introduced me a new family of 61 amazing people and gave me the opportunity to join them on the trip of a lifetime”- Kieran Wood, Belmont, NC 

“TWB allowed me to meet some of the most beautiful and amazing people”- Giovanna DeSieno, Huntersville, NC 

“TWB has changed my life for the better; I have made another family that I am going to miss when this is over”- Bryson Lewis, Gastonia, NC 

“This trip has made me realize that not everything is as straightforward as I’d like it to be”- Taylor Jung, Mount Holly, NC 

“TWB has changed my life forever”- Charlie McKinney, Reidsville, NC 

“This experience has been life changing; the people are amazing and I’m so happy to have a new family”- Grace Trimpey-Warhaftig, Wilmington, NC 

“TWB has given me a new look on life and opportunities to experience amazing things!”- Carole-Ann Page, Reidsville, NC 

“I have loved every minute of this trip and have met some amazing people”- Megan Cody, Lincolnton 

“TWB has been one of the most fun, rewarding, and challenging experiences of my life- I know I’ll never forget it!”- Thea Dowdle, Reidsville, NC 

“TWB has helped me gain a new perspective on life, while also gaining a loving family”- Christyn Trent, Reidsville, NC 

“I was great, I wish I would have gave it my all at the start, the adults were great”- Harrison Outlaw, Pageland, SC 

“The first week was hard, but everybody was so nice you start to enjoy everything”- Nico Parkhurst, Mooresville, NC 

“Thanks to the wonderful staff and great peers I have met on this trip, TWB has been truly life changing”- Lucas Crisp, Gastonia, NC 

“TWB is so much more than a trip across the country, it’s the experience of a lifetime”- Davis Tucker, Pageland, SC 

“Life changing experience everyone should get a chance to go on”- Delani Rush, Union, SC 

“Best decision I’ve ever made!”- Carson Dennis, Mooresville, NC 

“My TWB experience was the BEST, it taught me to always be my self and to try new things”- Allie Reeves, Cherryville, NC 

“TWB has actually been life changing”- Marissa Jones, Gastonia, NC 

“TWB has taught me to live in the moment and not to view growing up as a chore but a necessary step to achieve the life you want to have”- Kylie Foster, Germantown, MD

“TWB is life changing and gives you a big family to lean on.” - Carter Robinson, Gastonia, NC

“It was truly one of the most eye-opening ways to experience our country” - Gabriel Bonomo, Mooresville, NC

“TWB gave me a whole new perception of life, America, and showed me strangers can become your best friends.” - Lorelai Palmer, Whiteville, NC

“It was an interesting experience that gave me a family to enjoy the rest of my life with.” - Abby Lear, Pageland, SC

“It was some of the best days of my life.” - Evan Roney, Tega Cay, SC

“Our trip had its ups and downs, but overall was an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything where I’ve made forever memories and friends.” - Chloe Mann, Mooresville, NC

“TWB has been the best experience ever, I’ve made the greatest memories and friends ever.” - Hayleigh Deputy, Whitmire, SC

“TWB is an eye-opening experience that changes the way you view things.” - Anna Craver, Concord, NC

“I got to experience America in one of the coolest possible ways.” - Ayden Jones, Lexington, SC

“TWB is probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done.” - Jackson Stevens, Fort Mill, SC

“TWB is a life changing experience that has helped change my perspective of America for the better.” - Jade Smith, Ebensburg, PA

“You meet people until the very last day, until you’ve made a new family.” - Hunter Swain, Wilmington, NC

“I got to wake up every morning knowing I would have a fun, new experience that day.” - Sierra Hullander, Mount Holly, NC

“TWB gave me lifelong friends, amazing memories, and a new perspective of our beautiful country.” - Addison Fuller, Newton, NC

“TWB has opened my eyes to how big and beautiful the world really is.” - William Franklin Allen IV, Crouse, NC

“TWB is the best decision I have ever made because I made the best friends and saw America like no other.” - Ainsley Nelli, Greenville, SC

“It was absolutely amazing and I grew in more ways than many can imagine.” - Annmarie Willis, Shelby, NC

“TWB taught me many life lessons and skills while also helping me to step out of my comfort zone.” - Noah Andrews, Cramerton, NC

“TWB is a cool experience to travel across America to see all of what God created.” - Sydnee Davis, Wadesboro, NC

“It was hard losing people since we are basically a family.” - Carlee Rayfield, Chesterfield, SC

“You actually really do bond with some of your counselors” - Khiara Objio, Mooresville,NC

“ I should’ve used more sunscreen”- Carleigh Smith, Bryson City,NC

“This trip has grown me into a stronger person.I’ve seen some amazing parts of America, met some amazing people,and learned valuable lessons.” -Henry Roe, Charlotte,NC

“ TWB allowed me to gain some amazing friendships that will last forever!” - Riley MacFarlare, Mooresville,NC

“Enjoy the trip for you like you want too. It’s your time.”- Brooklyn Sumrall,Wilmington,NC

“Spend more time in Wyoming.Wear tennis shoes in Vegas, heels and dress shoes make the next week miserable. I learned from everyone. A life changing experience that will help define who I am!” - Carson Woods, Mooresville,NC

“Best decision ever.” -Laurel Maynor, Randleman, NC

“TWB is an indescribable experience that is like none other and I would not trade my time on the trip for anything.” - Ellie Runnels, Aiken, SC

“TWB is the trip of a lifetime with the people of a lifetime.” - Summer VanGastte, Belmont, NC 

“Though this summer hasn’t been perfect, TWB is a completely unique and special opportunity for the teenage group, and I don’t think it would be as enjoyable with a different crew of people” -Elliot Perry-Gibson,Lawerence,KS

“It was a great and educating experience that heavily increased my wisdom.” -Jack Medlin,Laurinburg,NC

“This trip has made me realize things about myself and the future; definitely a once in a lifetime thing.” -Jayden Osborne,Monroe,NC 

“ TWB has pushed me to see the beauty in everything and love every moment we are given to live!” -Mia Browder, Franklinville,NC

“TWB has put me in such vulnerable situations to make the memories and friends of a lifetime.” - Claria Seighman,Monroe, NC 

“TWB has helped me gain so many new friends whom I love with all my heart!” - Kambre Harris,Eden,SC

Day 23- Return

Day 23-HOME

And there we were! 7:00 a.m. on a Kentucky morning, everyone getting up for one last ride together. The road trip home was fraught with music blasting and tears running as all the campers said their goodbyes to one another.

Stopping at our final Wally-World, it was an oddly surreal moment as we all realize that the trip is truly coming into its final act. We were starving as we left Walmart but the cooks treated us with donuts (not just one but two each). As we drive on through Mooresville, past its trademark restaurant; Bucko’s, we continue to sing along and pass out phone numbers and social media to each other as we intend on remaining dozens of close friends! We then ate lunch which consisted of pb&j with chips and cookies. We are so glad to not have any more sandwiches for a while! We made one final stop before we headed to Mallard Creek. We stopped at the Methodist church to say a few goodbyes and take pictures with one another. Although the rain was present, we still enjoyed our last stop together and will miss our new family we have formed over the past 23 days!

This trip has a story to tell and a lesson to learn from every single participant and counselor aboard. It has been an incredible experience and we cannot thank everyone enough for the impact they will forever make on our futures. Since the first stop at mallard creek, we have gone from strangers to the best friends anyone could ask for. As we return, we will never forget where we explored with each other. We thank everyone for the love and support that carried us through this life-changing journey!

The curtain call is near and we cannot wait to see our parents. With mixed emotions ahead of us, the future is truly uncertain, but in that we find excitement and anticipation to see what this trip has made of us.